Podcast Summaries

Nightmare Magazine (Hairy Legs and All) You put on a shoe that had reminded you of the past summer you’ve had, only to find that there was a spider in there. Though at the time you did not know, it was a tarantula and it had bitten your toe many times in self defense. YouContinue reading “Podcast Summaries”

Social Media and I

Social media has grown widely since it was first invented in 1997 with the platform Six Degrees. Along with it’s growth, it has made tremendous impact to society and our everyday routines. With the immergence of apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, it has become easier for people to release content for everyoneContinue reading “Social Media and I”

Democratization of Knowledge

The democratization of knowledge is the spreading of knowledge, in which is accessible to everyone and not to be controlled by the elite. Today, the internet, public libraries, newspaper, and magazines play a huge role by providing access to a vast amount of information. Although this may sound great, it could cause the spread ofContinue reading “Democratization of Knowledge”

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